Best Shampoo for Kids Curly Hair in 2024

Imagine you have a little girl whose face is scrunched up in pain. As her mother, you are trying to comb her tangled curls. Every stroke of the comb is like a tug of war, and her hair is resisting every attempt to pass it. So, tears come automatically to her eyes.

This is a scene that is played countlessly in the all over the world. That has been a unique challenge in every home by the children who have curly hair. Generally, curly hair contains a unique S-shaped pattern, which is naturally drier than straight hair.

So, this type of problem will occur that is the go. However, you need not worry about it. There are a lot of solutions in the market.

In the middle of those, we are going to help you to find the best one for you and which will be most comfortable as your device. Let’s dive into the solution for the best shampoo for kids curly hair with a broad explanation.



What is the best shampoo for kids’ curly hair?

Curly hair is prone to dryness and frizziness compared to straight hair. So, it is very important to use a shampoo that is specially designed for curly hair. The shampoo which will help to hydrate and moisturize hair is the best preference among all.

In addition, the shampoo contains more natural elements that should be in consideration. Natural ingredients are not only natural, they also contain minerals, salt, and moisture. Since the skin of a kid is sensitive in that case natural ingredients shampoo is perfect.

Furthermore, when choosing the best shampoo for kids curly hair, the shampoo that is free from sulfate should be on the top of the choice. Sulfates and parabens can eradicate natural oil from hair and scalp.

Last but not least, the preferred shampoo should be gentle on the scalp and for the eyes too. There are available products in the market that are tear free and gentle for curly hair. The shampoo should be irritation free and will not be irritating to the eyes of the kids.


9 Best Shampoos for Kids Curly Hair Reviews

The article on “Best Shampoo for Kids Curly Hair Reviews” will aid you in getting the best products for your needs. It will provide a step-by-step guide to have a nice, effective, and gentle solution to your requirements. We always try to ensure better results according to your inquiries so that you can find or at least make better decisions.

In reviews, we always try to make in-depth studies that pass through the elements and specialized formulas and ingredients to ensure better results according to your expectations.

Analyzing every ins and outs as well as experts opinion you will be able to find relevant products that will fulfill your needs as well as give you healthy and smooth products for your kids. So, let’s dive in to find the best one with details.

Comparison Table 

Johnson's Baby Curl-Defining, Frizz Control, Tear-Free Kids' Shampoo

Aveeno Kids Curly Hair Shampoo

Aussie Kids Shampoo

SoCozy Curl Shampoo

SheaMoisture 2-in-1 Shampoo

SheaMoisture Extra-Nourishing Shampoo

Aunt Jackie's Kids Heads Up Moisturizing and Hair Softening Shampoo

Hello Bello Kids Shampoo 

ATTITUDE 2 in 1 Shampoo


1. Johnson’s Baby Curl-Defining, Frizz Control-Best overall shampoo for kids hair.


Johnson’s Baby Curl-Defining Frizz Control is a very gentle shampoo. The shampoo is tear free. It is formulated to clean and define curls. It is a hypoallergenic shampoo. The shampoo contains no harsh chemicals. It is very good for controlling the friskiness of hair.

The shampoo prevents curl for 24 hours. It is formulated with tear free formula. The shampoo is fully free from paraben. Sulfate and any other artificial color. The shampoo is clinically proven. It is safe for toddlers and kids

Johnson’s Baby Curl-Defining Frizz Control shampoo is a product of Johnson & Johnson. The company is a multinational company. It was founded in 1886. The company is reputed for producing pharmaceutical products.

It is also reputed for its consumer packaged goods. The products of the company are sold in about 175 countries of the world. Johnson & Johnson products are reputed for the whole world for baby products.

There are some special ingredients that have made the shampoo unique from other products. The shampoo contains Shea butter. It is a natural element that helps to soften and nourish hair. The shampoo also contains purified water. It is very good for kid’s hair. It helps to remove dirt and impurities from the scalp.


  • It is gentle on delicate hair and scalp
  • Promotes healthy curls and waves
  • Helps to prevent frizz and tangles
  • Safe to use
  • Good fragrance


  • None


2. Aveeno Kids Curly Hair Shampoo With Oat Extract-Best shampoo for all hair types


Aveeno Kids Curly Hair Shampoo with Oat Extract is a well renowned product. It is designed for curly hair kids. The shampoo is very gentle on hair and scalp. It helps to generate new roots on scalp. The shampoo is very we introduced for nourishing hair.

The shampoo is a product of Johnson & Johnson. It is a skin and hair care brand. The shampoo contains Sodium Laury. It is a potent ingredient that helps to reduce hair fall.

The shampoo also contains Glycerin. It helps to keep hair fine. The shea butter is another ingredients of the shampoo. It helps to retain moisture in hair.

The shampoo is made up of Oat extract. It is natural ingredients. The ingredients helps to shoothe scalp. The shampoo is tear free that has made it a great fit for the kids.

The shampoo is very much suitable for curly hair and also for those who has sensitive scalp. It is another the best shampoo for kids’ curly hair.


  • It is cruelty and paraben-free
  • Leaves hair soft, manageable, and defined
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • It helps to soothe and moisturize the scalp.


  • Costly to use


3. Aussie Kids Shampoo, Conditioner-Best shampoo for “normal” hair of kids


Aussie Kids Shampoo and Conditioner is a renowned hair care brand. The shampoo is designed for the kids. This shampoo contains very gentle formula. The shampoo contains the formula that helps to strengthen hair. Another reputation of the shampoo is to heighten hair.

Aussie is the product of Procter & Gamble (P&G). it is multinational company. The company is very renown for producing consumer goods product. The company was established in 2007. Aussie is committed to providing safe and effective hair care product for the children. The product of the company are available in the worldwide.

Aussie Kids Shampoo and Conditioner contains natural ingredients. Those ingredients have made the product gentle for kids. The shampoo contains Aloe Vera. It’s a natural ingredient. It helps to moisture hair.

It also helps to strengthen hair and roots. The shampoo also contains Avocado oil. It helps to keep the scalp cool and clean. The shampoo contains minerals and vitamin. Those helps to keep the hair and scalp healthy.

Coconut oil is another ingredient of the shampoo. It helps to detangle hair. The shampoo also contains sea salt. It is a rich mineral. That helps to add volume and shine in hair. In terms of consideration it is a good choice for your kid’s hair.


  • Gently clean and conditioned hair
  • Keeps hair soft, shiny, and manageable
  • Moisturizes and hydrates hair
  • Safe and gentle for kids’ hair and scalp


  • Very costly


4. SoCozy Curl Shampoo- Best Shampoo for Kid’s Curly Hair


SoCozy Curl Shampoo is a gentle and sulfate free shampoo. It is specially designed for kids. The cline hair and scalp without stripping natural oils. The shampoo is reputed for keeping hair soft and bouncy.

SoCozy Curl Shampoo is enriched with vital elements. The shampoo contains Hydrolyzed Keratin. It is special types of protein. The protein helps to strengthen and protect hair. The shampoo has reputation to reduce hair damage.

SoCozy contains plum seed oil. It is natural element. The elements helps to seal and bind hair damage. It promotes hair growth and make hair silky. Plum seed oil helps to increase the elasticity of breaking hair. Shea butter is another ingredients of the shampoo. It promotes hair and scalp health.

SoCozy is a USA based company. The origin and the factory both are situated in USA. The shampoo is cruelty free and vegan. The products of the company have never been tested on animal anymore. The company is fully committed to produce natural hair care brand and promotes healthy hair care journey.


  • Genial cleans and conditions curly hair
  • Restore natural balance
  • Leaves soft and smooth hair
  • Sulfate-free


  • Prone to dry


5. SheaMoisture 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Kids-Best shampoo for dry fine hair of kids


SheaMoisture 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Kids is very gentle hair care product. The shampoo is designed to clean and condition kid’s hair. The shampoo make the hair soft, shiny and frizz fee.

It is sulfate and paraben free. The blend of natural ingredients have made the shampoo unique in the hair care market. The shampoo is featured with tear fee formula. So that is why it is child friendly.

Shea Moisture 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Kids is a product of Shea Moisture. It is leading innovative company in hair care brand. The company was founded in 1991. It is globally recognized hair care brand. The company is committed to provide high quality hair care solutions. The most of the product of the company are produced with natural elements.

The shampoo and conditioner contains special and natural ingredients. It contains coconut oil. It’s a natural moisture. It helps to hydrate hair. The coconut oil helps to keep hair natural and reduced hair fall.

Another ingredient of the shampoo is Hibiscus Flower. It is a rich antioxidant. The ingredients helps to promote healthy hair. It has also reputation to enhance shine in hair. The shampoo contains natural detangle. It helps to reduce tangle and keep hair soft and smooth.


  • It is gentle on delicate curls
  • Helps tame frizz and prevent tangles
  • It is tear-free and gentle on the eye
  • Provides deep hydration and deep nourishment


  • Strong fragrance
  • Little strong to use


6. SheaMoisture Extra-Nourishing Shampoo hair care for KidsBest shampoo for hair extensions of kids curly hair


SheaMoisture Extra-Nourishing Shampoo is a product of Shea Moisture. The company is situated in in New York. The company makes excellent products for hair care.

SheaMoisture Extra-Nourishing Shampoo is gentle for kids’ hair and scalp. It is fee from sulfates. The shampoo contains natural ingredients to, nourish and protect hair.

The best shampoo contains organic Shea butter. It helps to hydrates hair.  The shampoo also contains coconut oil. It is a natural conditioner that makes hair soft and smooth.

Olive oil is another ingredients of the shampoo. It acts as a natural antioxidant to shield hair from damage. Vitamin B5 helps to retain moisture into the hair. On the other hand Vitamin E helps to protect the scalp and promotes hair growth.

For the best results, use this shampoo two to three times a week. It will help you to reduce freeze from hair. Do not use styling tools on child hair. It can make a long lasting damage in kid’s hair. Regular usage of the shampoo will help you to get rid of tangled hair. Do not make overuse. It will harm kid’s hair. Try to read the user manual it requires.


  • It contains natural ingredients
  • Possess moisturizing elements
  • It is sulfate-free and paraben free
  • It has a gentle formula
  • Contains good fragrance


  • Not tear free


7. Aunt Jackie’s Kids Heads Up Moisturizing and Hair-Best shampoo for kids hair volume


Aunt Jackie’s Kids Heads Up Moisturizing and Hair Softening Shampoo is a good shampoo for kids. It is very much effective with curly and wavy hair. It clean and softens the hair. The shampoo has natural ingredients. Those add moisture and prevent dryness. Those also helps to keep hair soft.

This shampoo is made by Aunt Jackie’s.  The company is known for hair care products. The founder is Dwan White. the company is well-respected for creating beauty and hair care items.

They have a strong presence on social media. Their promoted their activities especially on Instagram. The shampoo and conditioner are one of the influential in the market.

Aunt Jackie’s Kids Heads Up Shampoo is unique hair care product.  It contains special ingredients like coconut oil. It helps to soften hair. Another outcomes of coconut oil is to moisturizes hair.

It also contains Shea Butter. It help to condition the hair. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the shampoo is very effective for kid’s hair. It is an antioxidant that helps to protect the hair.

The shampoo contains glycerin that helps to nourish hair. It also helps to add shine in hair and also improve the scalp health. The shampoo is pH balance. It is very important for keeping natural balance in kids hair and scalp.


  • It gently cleanses hair without stripping natural oils.
  • It is enriched with natural elements
  • It detangles hair and makes it easier to manage
  • It feels hair soft, healthy, and smooth


  • Strong fragrance


8. Hello Bello Kids Shampoo & Body Wash-Best shampoo for preserving hair for kids


Hello, Bello Kids Shampoo & Body Wash is a gentle, tear-free, and hypoallergenic formula that is safe and friendly for all ages of kids. It is implemented with plant-based ingredients which are free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Dermatologists and pediatricians suggest this brand of body wash and it is endorsed by the National Eczema Association.

Hello Bello Kids Shampoo & Body Wash is a product of Hello Bello, which was founded in 2017 by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. The company is committed to creating safe and effective products for babies and children.

The company is also committed to sustainability and uses recycled materials in its packaging. It won an eco-friendly industry award in 2019 at the UAS National Eco Summit.

Hello, Bello Kids Shampoo & Body Wash is made with a blend of plant-based ingredients that are gentle on the skin and help to soothe and moisturize. There are some key ingredients. One is Aloe vera, which is a soothing gel and is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The second one is coconut oil, which helps moisturize and protect the skin. It also contains JoJoba oil, which is similar to skin sebum and helps balance the moisture level of the scalp.

In addition, it contains Sunflower seed oil, which is enriched with vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps to protect the skin from damage.


  • It cleanses the scalp without stripping away its natural oil
  • It soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • It protects the skin from irritation
  • Promote healthy hair growth


  • None


9. ATTITUDE 2 in 1 Shampoo and Body Wash for Kids- Best shampoo for curly, oily, and tight textured hair


ATTITUDE 2 1 Shampoo and Body Wash for Kids is a very gentle and hypoallergenic formula enriched. The shampoo is designed for kids’ skin and hair. It is made with plant and mineral-based ingredients. The shampoo is free from harsh chemicals and sulfate. This shampoo and the body wash are also fragrance-free, which is why they are ideal for children who have allergies or sensitivities in their skin.

The shampoo is a product of a Canadian company named ATTITUDE, which is a hair and skin care company. The company was established in 2006. The company is committed to making safe and effective care products for families. ATTITUDE is also committed to using sustainable practices in manufacturing and packaging. ATTITUDE’s products are EWG-verified and PETA-certified.

ATTITUDE 2 1 Shampoo and Body Wash for Kids has been made with 98% natural derived ingredients. It is free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and dyes. Except for those, the shampoo is formulated with blueberry leaf extract, which is well known for its soothing and protective properties that help calm and irritate skin.

It also contains Moringa seed extract, which is a natural antioxidant that helps to protect skin from damage. The shampoo is also formulated with Vanilla and pear extract, which provides a light and refreshing scene that kids love. In terms of good care it can be the best shampoo for kids’ curly hair.


  • It contains plant and mineral based ingredients
  • It is free from artificial ingredients and dyes
  • Light and refreshing scent
  • Comfortable for allergic skin


  • Little expensive


Factors to Consider When Choosing the best shampoo for kids curly hair

Undoubtedly, choosing shampoo for kids is a very careful consideration. It needs to be ensured that the hair remains well-nourished, healthy, and easy to manage. But those are not all the factors to consider. There are several factors to consider when making a decision.

Gentle Formulation

Try to find a shampoo that is specially designed for children. Then, it tends to have a milder formulation, which is gentle on the hair and scalp of children; try to avoid shampoo that contains harsh chemicals.


It is compulsory to choose a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are prone to dryness and cause irritation; curly hair requires more moisture to maintain its shape. It will become more frizzy if you apply sulfate to your hair. Sulfate is harmful in terms of both kids’ and adults’ health. So be aware of it.

Moisturizing Ingredients

It is another important factor to consider. Try to find a shampoo that contains moisturizing ingredients enriched with shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, and so on. These elements will help you keep your curly hair hydrated and reduce the risk of dryness; the moisturizing elements not only help prevent dryness but also prevent hair from dryness.

Natural Ingredients

It should be at the top of the list of choices. Try to look for shampoos with natural ingredients. Besides those, try to find one that is also free from artificial fragrances, dyes, and preservatives. The harsh chemical is very abusive and irritative to the scalp. Still, on the other hand, the shampoo, which contains natural elements, is very gentle and comfortable for both hair and scalp.


Try to ensure the shampoo is pH-balanced. A pH-balanced formula helps to maintain natural balance. It also helps to reduce the acidity of the scalp. In terms of promoting hair, pH has a great role. It also helps to reduce dryness from hair and also preserves hydration in both hair and scalp.

Detailing properties

Curly hair is always prone to tangling. So, in that case, try to get detailing properties to make combing and styling easier to choose a shampoo. It also reduces the risk of hair breakage and keeps the scalp strong.


It is all about skincare concerns. If your child has sensitive skin, try to have a hypoallergenic shampoo, which will minimize the risk of irritation and allergic reactions.

Tear-free formula and ingredients

It is a common concern for all kids, especially for younger children. Try to find a shampoo that contains free ingredients and makes bath time more comfortable. This ensures that it will not cause stinging or irritation if it comes into contact with the eyes.

Curl-Specific Formulation

Some shampoos that are specially designed for curly hair are available on the market. These products often contain the ingredients that enhance and define curls. It helps to maintain the natural pattern of hair as well as enhance looks.

Product Review

Read reviews from other parents who have used the shampoo on their children with curly hair. Then, you will find proven insights into the effectiveness of shampoo. It will also help you to find potential issues with the product. It also helps to make a good decision about taking or leaving the products.

Brand Reputation

While quality is important, consider brand reputation. Many brands in the world have revealed how to solve specific problems. Try to find brands that are focused on child-friendly products. Generally, brands are reliable in terms of quality and safety.

The considerations mentioned above are not the pillar to finding the best shampoo for kids’ curly hair and also not the hard and fast rule to consider. But it can be a standard to consider. Analyzing those factors will help you to get the best for your child.


FAQs for the best shampoo for kids curly hair

1. How do I know what shampoo is good for curly hair?

 The shampoo, which contains natural ingredients and moisturizing elements, is good for hair. Natural elements such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, and mineral-enriched shampoo help promote skin health as well as keep hair and scalp healthy. In terms of kids’ usage, it should be the first choice.

On the other hand, moisturizing elements like Shea butter, coconut oil, Castor oil, and Organ oil-enriched shampoo are very effective for hair care. Coconut oil is very effective for hydration, and Castor oil retains shine and gloss.

Organ oil retains moisture, and Shea Butter stimulates the growth of hair. Hair Advising always recommends using Natural and moisturizing products.

2. How often should you wash kids’ curly hair?

It is very important to have a balanced wash from time to time. Make sure that you do not overwash their hair. You should aim for washi 1 to 3 times a week. Try to avoid heated styling products as well as air drying if possible. Hair Advising recommends making an optimum utilization for kids.

3. Can I use normal shampoo on curly hair for kids?

 When it comes to using shampoo for kids, you must be more cautious. And when it comes to use on kids’ curly hair, it is more than caution. This is because most general shampoo contains sulfate, which is not suitable for curly-haired kids.

Sulfate is one type of cleaning detergent that is found in the household cleaning product. Hair Advising always recommends using specialized purposed shampoo for kids’ curly hair.

4. Is mild shampoo good for kids’ curly hair?

There are two types of mild shampoo. One is extremely mild, and the other is normally mild. It is a matter of joy that both are useful for hair and scalp and are also suitable for kids, but it is recommended to use normal mild in terms of kids. They are perfect for curly hair because they do not dry out hair.

5. Is Biotin good for kids’ curly hair?

 Biotin is a very effective component for curly hair. When it comes to talking about Biotin, other moisturizing elements will also be included. There is a great match of coconut oil, Shea butter, and Organic oil with Biotin.

In some cases, it includes vitamins A and C, which keep elasticity as well as standard silky smoothness. So, it is a very good component to consider.


Final Words

In conclusion, getting the utmost solution for your needs and finding the best shampoo for kids curly hair depends on multiple factors. It can be based on your kid’s scalp condition, hair condition, age, skin, and many more.

But in terms of usage, it is recommended to use products containing natural ingredients. The best practice will be to have an appointment with an expert since it is children for more caution but on the other hand, products are designed for the kids too.

So, keep in mind about the brand consideration as well as the recommendation of the users. Have a nice product and care for your child. May the children have a nice word for them.

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