How to Wash Synthetic Wig Without Wig Shampoo? (2024)

In recent times, synthetic wigs have been widely used to enhance the natural beauty of individuals, especially women. But most of them do not know the right approach how to wash synthetic wig without wig shampoo?

Consequently, they cannot use it smoothly for a long time. Basically, without proper cleaning, synthetic wigs will damage and discolor quickly. That’s not expected from a user.

For this reason, we are trying to find easy and simple procedures for cleaning our loving synthetic wig. Indeed, this article is decorated with research-based information and suggestions that help you largely to clean your wig easily and quickly.



Understanding Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are hairpieces that are made from synthetic fibers to mimic the look and feel of natural healthy hair. Here, we include a key aspect that provides a clear understanding of synthetic wigs.

  • Materials

Commonly, synthetic wigs include Kanekalon, Toyokalon, and high-temperature fibers that have unique heat resistance and texture.

  • Affordability

To purchase synthetic wigs, you need less money than human hair wigs. That’s why, it is a popular choice for those who are involved in experimenting with different styles.

  • Styling options

Synthetic wigs are shaped with different styles after washing. So, you don’t need daily and frequent styling that saves time.

  • Durability

Due to its wear out over time, synthetic wigs have less lifespan in comparison with human wigs.

  • Maintenance

Apart from that, you don’t need frequent washing and cleaning with shampoo and conditioner. You can use a brush or comb that is specially made to prevent damage to hair.

  • Appearance

With advanced technology, we get improved and high-quality synthetic wigs that are similar to natural human hair. That provides an authentic look and feel.

  • Color

Basically, synthetic wigs provide a wide range of colors that enhance the vibrancy and natural looks of hair.


How to wash synthetic wig without wig shampoo natural?

You can easily clean synthetic wigs without the help of wig shampoo by following several steps:

  • Gather supplies

On the beginning, you arrange required materials and elements. And those are Mild, sulfate-free shampoo or gentle baby shampoo, cold water, basin or sink, wide-tooth comb, and towel.

  • Detangle the wig

You gently detangle the wig taking the help of a wide-tooth comb including tips to the base of the wig. Besides, you should be careful so that it would not damage on fibers.

  • Prepare the basin or sink

Then, you fill the basin with cold water and avoid hot water.

  • Add shampoo

Next, you take a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and a small amount of cold water.  After this, you create a soapy solution.

  • Soak the wig

After this, you submerge the wig into the soapy water and gently move it so that the shampoo properly penetrates the fibers.

  • Gently washing

Then, you rub on the dirtiest areas of the wig to reduce buildup and avoid tangling fibers.

  • Rinse thoroughly

At this stage, you drain the dirty water and refill the sink with fresh and clean water. And you rinse the wig thoroughly.


How to wash a synthetic wig with regular shampoo?

  • Gather supplies

Beginning, you collect necessary materials and elements including mild shampoo or gentle baby shampoo, cold water, a basin or sink, a wide-tooth comb, and a towel.

  • Detangle the wig

Secondly, you gently detangle the wig with taking help of a wide-tooth comb. You make sure all portion of the wig including tips to base.

  • Prepare the basin or sink

Thirdly, you fill the basin or sink with cold water. You must avoid hot water because synthetic wigs are more sensitive to heat.

  • Add shampoo

Fourth, you mix a mild shampoo with a small amount of cold water to create a soapy solution.

  • Soak the wig

Next, you submerge the wig into the soapy water. You start gently moving it to ensure proper penetration of shampoo into the fibers.

  • Gently washing

You start rubbing of wig including the dirtiest region where dirt and buildup accumulate.

  • Rinse thoroughly

At the last stage, you drain the soapy water. Then, you refill the sink with clean and cold water to ensure thorough and perfect rinsing of the wig.


How to clean synthetic wig without shampoo?

By following an alternative method, you can clean a synthetic wig without using shampoo. Those are:

  • Needed materials

Firstly, you collect essential material that is needed for a clean synthetic wig. And those materials are Mild dish soap or baby shampoo, cold water, a comb or brush, and a towel.

  • Prepare a cleaning solution

Secondly, you fill a basin with cold water and a small amount of mild dish soap to create an ideal solution.

  • Detangle the wig

Thirdly, you start detangling the wig using a comb or brush. And make sure that this detangling covers tips to the base of the wig.

  • Soak the wig

In fourth, submerge the wig in soapy water for 5-10 minutes to loosen the unwanted dirt and oils.

  • Gentle cleaning

Next, you use your fingers to rub the wigs and also try to avoid vigorous rubbing and twisting.

  • Rinse thoroughly

Lastly, you drain the soapy water and refill the sink with cold and clean water for thorough rinsing.


Can I use dish soap to wash my wig?

Yes, you can use dish soap to wash your wig being alert to use about its harsh and harmful side. Actually, this dish soap can damage the synthetic wig of its chemical and additive reaction.

  • Firstly, you fill a basin with lukewarm and add a small amount of dish soap to make a mixture.
  • Secondly, you gently swish the wig in the mixture. And then, you should be alert not to tangle your favorite wig as well as not to scrub vigorously.
  • Thirdly, you let the wig soak for a few minutes to loosen dirt, buildup, and other unnecessary dirt.
  • After this, you take lukewarm water for thorough rinsing and complete proper rising until its soap is washed.
  • Lastly, you squeeze out excess water from the wig but you should alert not to twist or wring it.


Drying Your Synthetic Wig

For proper drying of synthetic wig as well as maintaining shape, texture, and overall quality, We should follow several steps that are included here:

  • Gently remove excess water

Firstly, pat the wig with a clean towel to remove excess water. Besides, you avoid wringing and twisting the wig.

  • Comb or brush the wig

Secondly, you use a specially designed comb or brush for detangling hair starting from the tips and ends to the root of the wig.

  • Place on a towel

Thirdly, place the wig on a clean and dry towel so that the towel will absorb any remaining water.

  • Air dry

Fourth, allow the wig to air for natural drying, and always avoid hairdryers that cause damage to the synthetic fibers.

  • Avoid styling until completely dry

Wet synthetics are highly sensitive to damage. So, you should not attempt to style the wig until it is completely dry.

  • Use a wig stand

Additionally, you use a wig stand for proper and complete drying. Actually, this wig stand is required for longer wigs.

  • Keep away from heat sources

It is most important to ensure a safe place for the wig avoiding radiators, stoves, or heaters.

  • Use a wig conditioner

You can use wig conditioner if you want to make a soft and manageable wig.


Additional Tips for Maintaining Your Synthetic Wig

There are some additional tips for maintaining synthetic wigs that are included here:

  • Avoid heat exposure

Synthetic wigs are sensitive to heat including hot styling tools, ovens, and open flames. So, you must maintain enough distance from sources of heat.

  • Use a wig cap

You consider a wig cap to protect natural hair and scalps from friction and other associated damage.

  • Rotate wigs

Furthermore, you rotate regularly to ensure equal rest time and reduce daily wear if you have multiple wigs.

  • Avoid brushing when wet

As wet fibers are more prone to damage and excess pulling or tugging, you should not use a brush on a synthetic wig when it is drying.

  • Be cautious with products

In fact, regular hair product causes damage to synthetic fibers. For this reason, you should not use regular hair products. You use only specially designed products that are made for wigs only.

  • Avoid tinted shampoos

Tinted or colored shampoos are responsible for altering the color of the wig. You choose a color-safe shampoo that is specially designed for wigs.

  • Store properly

In addition, you store synthetic wigs in a cool and dry place where direct sunlight cannot penetrate.

  • Travel carefully

For traveling with the wig, you can use a travel case or box to protect the wig from being crushed or damaged.



Without knowing the cleaning procedures of your favorite wig is the precondition for smooth and effective usage. Basically, many of us are not able to use it for an extended time due to a lack of knowledge of how to wash synthetic wig without wig shampoo.

Proper and perfect cleaning is also important for enhancing its natural beauty and charming view just like human hair. In addition, the right cleaning of synthetic wigs maintains hygiene and healthy usage. Manufacturers always emphasize and urge for proper and frequent cleaning of your wig.

Therefore, we earnestly request that you follow our approaches and suggestions when you clean your wig. This above-explained approach is so easy and simple for you if you deeply read this article with concentration.

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